Welcome to the Dresden-Verse

I know some of you guys are new to RPGs, the Dresden Files Universe, or both. Never fear, we can begin compiling resources here and in facebook chat or in email chains if we’d like.

But to cover a few basics- The Fate system is a collaborative storytelling roleplay system in which you build your characters and your world together to advance plots that the players and gm are all equally invested in.

There are a couple of things to discuss before we get too far:

#1- Frequency/duration. I think one three or four hour session every 3 or 4 weeks would be alright, plus or minus a few days/a week to accomodate as many people as we can.

I was thinking we could use google hangouts and the fate app to play via internet :)

#2- what power level do we want to start out at? I was thinking a low one as this will give us a chance to feel out the setting/game and build our characters up from the beginning. The growth cycle isn’t as slow as dnd or some other games.

#3- setting. where do we want the game to take place? and when and at what power level. I was thinking having a modern day game with the events of Storm Front (book 1 of the Dresden Files) either about to happen or currently happening or have recently passed. And for location I was leaning towards Albany/Troy area or Boston since these are areas people are varying degress of familiar with.

Dresden for Newbies

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